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Monocoat - A revolutionary technology

Free of water and VOC*
Monocoat does not contain water. It is mainly based on natural products without volatile organic content. (= VOC, furniture oil, free)

Chemical bonding of the Monocoat with the cellulose fibres
Rubio Monocoat adheres with the first microns of the wood by molecular bonding (with no film forming nor saturation). This is why the consumption is much lower than with a traditional wood stain system.

Durable protection
The molecular bonding creates a durable, long lasting protection. To obtain this molecular bonding it is very important to strictly respect this reaction time of 15 minutes. The better the fibres are bonded, the stronger the protection will be.

No overlaps
Once all free cellulose fibres are molecularly bonded all superfluous product will no longer be accepted by the wood or the bonded Monocoat layer itself. This is why overlaps or starting marks are avoided.

Time-saving: colouring and protecting in one layer
It is pointless to apply a second layer on top of the Rubio Monocoat because this extra layer will not be able to bond with the free wood fibres or with the primarily bonded Monocoat layer.

Easy to repair
This technology allows local repairing of damaged areas or scratches: only the free wood fibres will take up the product. The product next to the scratched or damaged area will not adhere. After the reaction time all superfluous product can be removed without overlaps.


Available Colours


Monocoat - Black Monocoat - Pure Monocoat - Saphire Monocoat - White
Black Pure Saphire White


Monocoat - Oak Monocoat - Oak - Dark Monocoat - Oak - Smoked Monocoat - Pine
Oak Oak - Dark Oak - Smoked Pine
  Monocoat - Walnut  


Monocoat - Cherry Coral Monocoat - Chocolate Monocoat - Titanium Grey Monocoat - Natural
Cherry Coral Chocolate Titanium Grey Natural
Monocoat - Oyster Monocoat - Vanilla Monocoat - Cotton White  
Oyster Vanilla Cotton White  

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