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Resistant Board

This new product on the market is made from Magnesium Silicate. The benefits of these boards are:

  • Fire resistant
    A1 rated - non combustible.
  • Water resistant
    The Boards are 'hydroscopic' which allows moisture to breathe into the boards with no detrimental effect to their integrity, and moisture to breathe out of the Boards at lower humidity levels.
  • Mould resistant
    The boards are "Non-Nutrient" which helps to reduce or eliminate mould growth which is commonly found when using cellulose-based materials in air tight structures.
  • Acoustic resistant

The boards will not rot and can be used as an alternative to chipboard, plywood or wood-based cement particle board, where a greater dimensional stability is required.

Resistant Board - Tile Backer

Typical Uses for the Resistant Board:

  • Wall Cladding and infill Panels
  • Fire RESISTANT Internal Panels
  • High impact fire rated partitions
  • High impact acoustic rated wall/floor/ceiling partitions
  • Internal Wet rooms
  • Compatible core board for tiles, laminates, veneers, steel and aluminium
  • Pre-fabricated homes

Building Solutions

  • Fascia, Eaves and Soffits linings
  • Dormer Cladding
  • Tile Backer Board
  • Boiler Housing/Pipe casing
  • Guaranteed acoustic solution
  • Guaranteed basement solution
  • Fire rated partition
  • Garage/Carport/Ceilings
  • Suspended false ceilings