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Sundeala Sundeala Pin Boards

These boards are made of 100% recycled paper and come in a 2440mm X 1220mm (8' X 4'), 9mm thick.

Here are some applications for the Sundeala boards:

Sundeala application  - 1 Sundeala application  - 2 Sundeala application  - 3 Sundeala application  - 4

We have made a sample 8' X 4' pin board which can be used in schools.
Our version of School board The Sundeala board is glued to 9mm MDF board and framed The framed board , this allows it to be removed from the wall and be used somewhere else. Battens Battens for the board are used for hanging it on the wall again.

The boards are available in different colours and can be cut. They have a long life span at low cost.