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Trip Trap oil treatment

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Worktops etc.

Trip Trap Worktop Oil is for the basic treatment and maintenance of kitchen worktops and other worktops that are exposed to hard use.


Trip Trap Worktop Oil is available in natural and white for dark respective light wood. The spreading capacity is approx. 20m2/litre. Use Trip Trap Wood Cleaner for the cleaning before treatment.


For the application of Worktop Oil use a paintbrush, paint roller or a lint-free cotton cloth. If necessary, use wet grinding paper grain 320-400. Use a plastic bucket and cloth or scrubber for the cleaning.


Arrange for ventilation and use mask and gloves as desired.

Warning: Oil wetted cotton cloths, pads etc. must be burnt or washed immediately after use in order to prevent self-ignition.

Application instructions are available from our experts