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Wardrobe Sliding Doors System

A finished wardrobe in our
show rooms

We now have a new wardrobe sliding doors system. The system is easy to build and is based on a bottom inside wheel which support the weight of the doors and gives a smooth and easy movement.

Each door consists of 3 panels or a single panel, allowing a combination of colours. All panels are 10mm thick, making the door more stable.

It is also possible to put 4mm glass or mirror and we have the matching gasket.

Wardrobe door frames and panels are "made to measure" and rails can be up to 5 meters long in a single length.

Made to Measure, DIY set will include:

  • Top/Bottom rails
  • Height up to 2.5 meters
  • Top/Bottom doors track
  • Door Handles
  • 10mm melamined chipboard panels
  • Doors assembly screws
  • Doors wheels
Estimated prices for a set:
  • 2 Doors - 299 €
  • 3 Doors - 440 €