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Wood Mouldings > MDF primed Skirting


MDF white primed  Skirting/ Architrave

Available in 4.4 metre lengths. No knots, no shrinkage, no warping or twisting.


Ogee design

width  x  thickness 

69mm x 18mm     € 7.41 per 4.4mtlength

144mm x 18mm €14.16 per 4.4mt  length

219mm x 18mm  €25.55 per 4.4mt length


Bevel design 

width x thickness

69mm x 18mm      €7.41 per 4.4mt length 

119mm x 18mm   €12.34 per 4.4mt length

144mm x 18mm   €14.16 per 4.4mt length



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