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CNC Cutting Service > Worktop Cutting


Cutting Solid wood tops 

We can machine any of our solid wood  tops on our CNC to  exact dimensions including shaped  ends and cut outs for sinks  or hobs 




CNC Cutting Service > Wall Panelling


V Grooved MR MDF 2440mmx 1220mm (raw for painting )

2440 x 1220 x 9mm Grooved at  100mm centres with the length of the sheet 

Price = €59.78 inc vat


2440 x 1220 x 18mm Grooved at  100mm centres with the length of the sheet Price = €98.40 inc vat



Narrow V Grooved  MR MDF (raw for painting)

2440mmx 1220mm x 9mm  V Grooved at  30mm Centres  with the lenght of the sheet . Price =€110.70 inc vat 



Other widths can be made to order  in any  of the MDF sheets in stock up to 3050mm x 1220mm



TG Beaded  MR MDF 2440mm x 1220mm (raw for painting)

In stock 

Beaded sheets MDF @100mm centres  lengthways 

2440mm x 1220mm

9mm  €59.78  inc vat 

12mm  €68.88  inc vat

18mm  €98.40  kinc vat 



tgbeaded .jpg


Scoop  Design  2440mm x 1220mm x18mm (raw for painting )

Made from Moisture resistant  MDF 2440mm  x 1220mm  x18mm

Grooved 39mm wide scoop running either legth or width of sheets 


Price €221.40 per sheet



CNC Cutting Service > CNC Cabinet Doors



Doors are made using 22mm thickness Finsa Hidrofugo High Density Moisture Resistant MDF suitable for interior use .

We custom cut door typical sizes in heights up to 2400mm and widths up to 595mm .It is also possible to make taller doors up to 3000mm 


Our Patterns currently include  square Shaker / 1 or 2 Step Shaker design  / Bevelled Shaker. Other designs can be made subject to router cutter availability and set up fee .





Door  Height up to 715mm    €49.20

Door  Height up to 900mm    €59.00

Door  Height up to 1060mm  €64.50

Door  Height up to 1245mm  €79.50

Door  Height up to 1700mm  €100.00

Door  Height up to 2250mm  €129.00


Drawer Fronts  140mm to 200mm in height x up  to  595mm in width €25.00 

Drawer Fronts  140mm to 200mm in height x up  to  1000mm in width €40.00


Doors can also be drilled for 35mm diameter cabinet soft close hinges 

Cost for drilling  €1.00  per hinge 

Soft close hinges €2.00 each 

CNC Cutting Service > Radiator Covers


CNC Routered MDF for Radiator  Covers 

A very easy way to make a Radiator cover is to have MDF cut to size with  open slots for ventilation providing a custom size radiator cover . 

The cost for a typical cabinet as shown (up to 1600mm ) would be €160



CNC Cutting Service > Shaped cutting


Shape cutting  Plywood or MDF

Let us do the precise cuttimg of  shaped pieces  like 18mm white melamine on Birch  Plywood  making this ideal for shelving or desktops