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Wall Panelling


V Grooved MR MDF 2440mmx 1220mm (raw for painting )

2440 x 1220 x 9mm Grooved at  100mm centres with the length of the sheet 

Price = €59.78 inc vat


2440 x 1220 x 18mm Grooved at  100mm centres with the length of the sheet Price = €98.40 inc vat



Narrow V Grooved  MR MDF (raw for painting)

2440mmx 1220mm x 9mm  V Grooved at  30mm Centres  with the lenght of the sheet . Price =€110.70 inc vat 



Other widths can be made to order  in any  of the MDF sheets in stock up to 3050mm x 1220mm



TG Beaded  MR MDF 2440mm x 1220mm (raw for painting)

In stock 

Beaded sheets MDF @100mm centres  lengthways 

2440mm x 1220mm

9mm  €59.78  inc vat 

12mm  €68.88  inc vat

18mm  €98.40  kinc vat 



tgbeaded .jpg


Scoop  Design  2440mm x 1220mm x18mm (raw for painting )

Made from Moisture resistant  MDF 2440mm  x 1220mm  x18mm

Grooved 39mm wide scoop running either legth or width of sheets 


Price €221.40 per sheet



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