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Decking Timbers

Pressure Treated Softwood 144mm x 32mm

Micro-pro system

MicroPro Preserved TimberWhat is MicroPro?MicroPro is a brand name for timber that has been preserved by the correct application of an OsmoseMicroPro wood preservative. Application of the micronized copper preservative is carried out in acontrolled treatment process using vacuum pressure impregnation, in accordance with BS 8417. Treatedmicronized timber is protected against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.

Choice of   surface   Grooved  one side /  Ribbed one side deck14432.jpg

Brown Treated or Green Treated

Lengths  3.6m   4.2m  4.8 m

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Hardwood Decking

We sell  Hardwood Decking


Cumaru (South American ) Dk brown


4.9mt   27.15  length inc vat




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