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Joint Genie-- Update Sept 2022 Joint Genie is unfortunatley no longer being produced

New tool proven to make jointing FASTER and EASIER

Joint Genie Proffesional
  • Perfect joints - with no marking out
  • 75% reduction in jointing time
  • Meets all jointing requirements
  • Rigid joints - need little clamping
  • Traditional joint strength - plus!
  • Unique tool fixing - enables direct jointing to existing fixtures etc.
  • A tool for the novice and the expert

Special - Made to Measure easily stored Table

Easily stored tableOak Melamine Tabletop Prices:
  • 1200mm X 600mm - 35 €
  • 1200mm X 800mm - 45 € (seats 4 people)
  • 1600mm X 800mm - 80€ (seats 6 people)
  • Chrome table legs (4pcs) - 40 €

Round tabletops can be cut from MDF

Manual DIY Double Edge Trimmer

Double Edge Trimmer

A perfect tool for a perfect finish after putting an Iron on edging.
The Edge Trimmer can work on widths up to 40mm, removing the excess and softening the edges.

The Edge Trimmer is double sided so it can be used for a longer period, giving more "Value for Money".

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